Fighting for freedom in Liberty City

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Niko Bellic wants to leave his violent life behind; unfortunately, he's trapped inside a GTA game.

Electric Boogaloo: A short history of game sequels

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These days we know exactly what to expect from a sequel, for better or worse. But it wasn't always so cut and dry, and developers went a little mad.

Last Breath of the Wild: How to end an open-world Zelda

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Video games don't end the same way books or films do, but we tend to treat them the same anyway. Does this shed light on Breath of the Wild's seemingly-disappointing…

A match made: HuniePop’s emulation of the dating process

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Relationships are inevitable in any real or virtual life. So why are they usually so unfulfilling in video games? Let's look at a potential mechanical solution to an organic conundrum.

An elegance in emptiness

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What's the purpose of all that empty space in Shadow of the Colossus? Why does the hero ride a horse across a dead landscape? It's really up to you.

Final Fantasy VIII is a failure

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Try and fail, try and fail, the catch cry of every sapient creature in the Final Fantasy VIII universe. A world full of people making the same mistakes over and…

Self-awareness, interactivity, and Metal Gear’s three walls

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You like Castlevania, don't you? Open your mind and explore the special relationship that Metal Gear Solid has with players.

Over and Overwatch: Death as a teacher

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You die, but your memories live on, and you learn, adapt to the battlefield. Each death is a lesson that leads you to victory, every failure a success incomplete.