Holding fear in the palm of my hand

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Being scared in video games is nothing new, but being scared of harmless animals is a bit strange. Strange enough for a thorough investigation.

Sing when we’re losing: Making failure part of the fun

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Bruce, why do we fall? Actually, why is falling so bad anyway? This is supposed to be a video game; falling down should be amazing!

Final Fantasy XV’s long and winding road

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In a world where most big, epic games are constantly pushing you forward, FFXV seems content to let players simply exist somewhere nice, for a while.

Misplaced heroics and the tragedy of Seifer Almasy

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A deep dive into the character of Final Fantasy VIII's most annoying—but least villainous—villain, Seifer; and the real villain of his story: Squall Leonhart.

Choosing evil in Infamous 2 for goodness’ sake

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Games aren't often accused of having complex moral conundrums, but Infamous 2 bucks the trend a little with surprising depth. Then it ruins the whole thing.

The price of honour among the Dishonored

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Is a cigar just a cigar? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Let's find out, with a little deep dive into exactly what's so dishonorable about…

Fighting for freedom in Liberty City

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Niko Bellic wants to leave his violent life behind and start fresh in a new country; unfortunately, he's trapped inside a Grand Theft Auto game.

Electric Boogaloo: A short history of game sequels

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These days we know exactly what to expect from a sequel, for better or worse. But it wasn't always so cut and dry, and developers went a little mad.