A serious study of Final Fantasy VIII summons, Part I: What the heck is a GF?

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Summons are old hat in Final Fantasy games, but the summon monsters in VIII are unusual in a very deliberate way. Come along as we pick apart the purpose of…

They have no mouth and they must punch

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How do you make people care about someone who doesn't talk and only moves when you tell them to? Create empathy through direct, meaningful, physical interactions.

The false theory that ties Final Fantasy VIII together

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Have you heard the one about Rinoa being the evil sorceress Ultimecia? Or the secret identity of Squall's father? Or the true purpose of the Shumi Tribe?

Forza Horizon’s oddly positive vision of the future

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Let me tell you of a wonderful world where people are allowed to race expensive cars all day long and no matter how well they do someone hugs them.

Holding fear in the palm of my hand

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Being scared in video games is nothing new, but being scared of harmless animals is a bit strange. Strange enough for a thorough investigation.

Sing when we’re losing: Making failure part of the fun

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Bruce, why do we fall? Actually, why is falling so bad anyway? This is supposed to be a video game; falling down should be amazing!

Final Fantasy XV’s long and winding road

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In a world where most big, epic games are constantly pushing you forward, FFXV seems content to let players simply exist somewhere nice, for a while.

Misplaced heroics and the tragedy of Seifer Almasy

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A deep dive into the character of Final Fantasy VIII's most annoying—but least villainous—villain, Seifer; and the real villain of his story: Squall Leonhart.