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Andy Astruc

Empty texts from outer space

In space, no-one can hear you plot. FTL’s bare-bones narrative style does the job amid the ship explosions and deadly pirate battles, but isn’t ideal for immersion. Take a look at how text boxes and lasers don’t mix, how they do, and how they could with just a little tweaking. [This post originally appeared on AWESOMEoutof10.]

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The cult of Mother Base

Welcome to Diamond Dogs, we’re the good guys. You can never leave because things are just so great here, and if you disagree with how we do things we’ll just have to try harder to convince you. Don’t worry, this will all seem very normal in a few days, after we strip you of your clothes, your name, your family and any incompatible thought processes.

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Witcher Geralt and the monster of social anxiety

The Northern Realms’ favourite monster killer might look like he has his life pretty well sorted, what with all the fat loot, rugged good-looks, beautiful women and exciting career opportunities, but it’s not all about money, sex and fun parties. Almost none of it is about parties, actually. Geralt hates parties.

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